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Transform your next presentation into an unforgettable theatrical performance. Safire creates completely customized presentations to reach your target audience. Her magnetic personality and exotic appeal attracts crowds and her charisma captures the audience's attention. Ensure that your products or services will never be forgotten with The Magic of Safire!
Custom Corporate Glitter Tattoos Perfect for trade shows and conventions! What better way to differentiate yourself from the competition than to have your logo glitter tattooed onto your clients and employees! Glitter Tattoos stay on for up to a week! Talk about making an impression! Your company will get massive amounts of exposure! Stage The Mulan Act
See why Bank of America flew Safire across the country to perform this act! It is based on the female Chinese warrior Mulan and is appropriate for any celebration. Especially suited for any Asian-themed event. Featured illusions include making colorful silk handkerchiefs appear, changing handkerchiefs into water and then back into handkerchiefs again, and making a full length sword appear out of thin air . Stage required. The Transformations Act
This is the act that earned Safire an invitation to Fox Television's Thirty Seconds to Fame. See canes dance in mid-air, cards appear from nowhere, outfits change in a split-second, and a red firefly transform into a flurry of red snow! Safire is one of the few magicians who performs this quick outfit change. The firefly effect is an original illusion performed only by Safire. Stage with wings, curtains, and professional lighting required. Parlor Act

Watch items appear and disappear! People will literally laugh out loud while being entertained by this hilarious act. Everyone will be seeing spots when Safire performs her special brand of magic. Your guests will be thrilled to aid the magician in making magic happen. This act is perfect if a stage is unavailable - but you want a stage show. The Parlor Act can be performed virtually anywhere! Close-up/Strolling
Have seen David Blaine perform close-up magic on television? Now see the real thing LIVE at your event! Safire performs Close-up magic for the audience right before their eyes and in their hands! Cards, coins, and handkerchiefs appear and disappear within the blink of an eye! Imagine your guest's surprise when they discover the magic happening inches away from their eyes! No trick photography here. Your guests make the magic happen themselves! Perfect for cocktail parties, dinner parties, wedding receptions, corporate meetings, product showcases, banquets, birthdays, and private parties. No stage required. Television Safire has several routines choreographed specifically for television. These are perfect for magic specials, news reports, variety shows or film. Other Safire can tailor any show to fit any occasion. Contact Safire and see how she enhances your event!
Safire performed on Evening Magazine KPIX Channel 5 ! Make your next event unforgettable with The Magic of Safire!

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